Twenty students from the whole community attended the Vacation Bible School at St. John’s UCC the week of June 12-16. Our theme this year was “The Redeemer.” Our Bible stories were based on the life of Jesus including: Day 1: Jesus’s Birth; Day 2: Jesus at age 12 teaching in the temple; Day 3: Jesus calling His first disciples; Day 4: Raising the daughter of Jairus from the dead (one of many miracles); Day 5: The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus. Our mission offering this year went to Bob and Marcia Flaa, missionaries serving in Thailand. We were privileged to have most of the Flaa family with us on Friday. They gave an interesting talk about their life and their work in Thailand. Also, we got to learn about their food, (received some samples!); language, (were able to experience writing letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-10) and also saw pictures and got a chance to have pictures taken of each stident in tradtional Thai costime. Our total mission offering for the five days, Plus Sunday and the loose offering totaled $255.50.

A big “Thank You” to the teachers for their time and energy including: Rebecca Tatge and Deb Souther in the Kindergarten class, Carrie Hess in the elementatry class, Beth Schmoll in the Junior class, and Craig Keller in the teen class, and Elsie Keller in opening devotions and snacks. A special theme snack was served each day in addition to cookies and Kool-Aid, plus Friday was also spent celebrating two students’ birthdays.

A special thanks also goes to: Mary Kindseth, who shared with us on Tuesday some healthy choices of summer beverages, Harley Tate, Barb Kleve, Gordie Wiegrefe, Doug Spike, and Shirley Little for portraying the Bible characters as a review in the tent at the close of the day. We concluded our VBS week with a short presentation at the worship service at St. John’s UCC on June 18. Several songs were shared that we learned puls reciting all the daily memory verses during the Cooper puppet skit. Thanks to all who helped make this another successful year.