o   On Sunday Sept 26 from 1 – 3 pm members of our church community are invited to pack food for Jesus Food.  Tim Stromer from Jesus Food spoke at our services on July 18th and this is the planned follow up.

o   Jesus Food is located at the Faribault West Mall (across from Vision Works).  During the event, dry food is packaged and ready to be shipped overseas.

o   Each person will package enough to feed the starving child for an entire year in just two hours!  At $.23 per serving times 365 days a year, that’s about $84 per person.

o   If you are not able to help pack food, consider donating $84 to feed one person for a year.

o   All benevolent donations for St. John’s UCC church in Sept (unless otherwise specified) will be given to Jesus Food.

o   We encourage as many people to participate as able!  Germanfest was usually celebrated the last Sunday in September so what a great opportunity to volunteer some time and gather with other members of the church community. This is also an excellent opportunity for our church community to participate in a mission project since there will be no Big Woods Race this year.

To have adequate supplies there needs to be an approximate count of those that will participate.  There will be a sign up sheet at St. John’s or leave a message on the church cell phone (507-330-0025) with the number of people planning on helping by September 19th.  The Faribault location can easily handle 50 people so please consider donating 2 hours or your time.  Please contact Gayle Bauer if you have any questions.