Worship Service June 16, 2024 and VBS Program

Another wonderful Vacation Bible School week was held at St. John’s the week of June 10-14. We had 38 students enrolled. We had 4 age related classes; kindergarten with 11 students, Primary with 8 students, Junior with 11 students, and Young Teens with 8 students. The teachers and helpers included: Becky Tatge, (Kindergarten class) with helpers of: Sue Katra, Krista Tenorio, & Lynn Doughty; Lynn Hirschey, (Primary class) with Layla Schran helping; Pastor Gary Liker, (Junior class) with helpers, Jackson Brock and Pauline Wiegrefe; & Craig Keller (the Young Teen class). Our theme this year was “Shine” with more challenging Bible stories from the Old Testament. It was a movie theater setting with movie categories & Bible stories as follows: #1 Mystery -“the House of Dagon” (1 Samuel 5), #2 Romance- “Ruth & Boaz” (book of Ruth), #3 Comedy -“Donkeys Don’t Lie” (Numbers 22); #4 Action- “David & Goliath”, (1 Samuel 17); & #5 Musical- “The Leaping King” (2 Samuel 6). We again, had Bible story review time in the tent each day. Thank you to those who re-told the Bible lesson each day including Kelly Hertle, John Brandenburg, & Kyle Keller. Our mission offering collected each day went towards the local Nerstrand Fire & Rescue Dept. We collected a total of $208.17 with another $16.00 was collected on Sunday. After 2 rain delays, representatives from the Nerstrand Fire & Rescue Depts. were finally able to come on Friday for a most interesting presentation. Many Thanks to them for taking the time to explain about bike riding safety and show how they may have to rescue injured persons. A very special THANK YOU to Doug Spike for the all around special assistance. From taking care of the mission offering each day, to preparing kool aid & cookies each day, assisting at recess, being also our faithful Cooper puppet, & this year making popcorn each morning for the students during Bible story time. Most of all-many “THANKS” to the teachers & helpers for giving their time to teach at this year’s VBS. Also,” Thanks” to all who brought cookies (it took 8 doz. Each day) and also parents/grandparents for transporting students each day. On Sunday June 16, we had a closing program as part of the worship service at St. John’s. We had 22 of the 38 students present. After our opening Pledges, and puppet time, the students did a wonderful job of singing some of the songs they learned at VBS. Hope we can have another great VBS next year.